May 2006 New Compact Type Products Release(Safe-Drive 2, Kiss-Me Meter)
Apr 2005 Embedded Type Micro Alcohol Sensor Supply(LG Mobile Phone SD-410 Series)
December 2004
Obtained Confirmation of Korean World-Class Product Award2004
October 2004
Commercial release of stick type Gas Detector
September 2004 Obtained Korea New Technology mark
June 2004 Development of Gas Detector
September 2003 Obtained Confirmation of INNO-BIZ corporation with ‘Aa’ grade
September 2002 Awarded Silver prize by the Minister of Industry and Resources at the Technology Innovation
September 2002 Designated as a ‘Prospective Small & Medium Enterprise’
July 2002 Developed re-calibration function (Applied to Alcohol Detector)
June 2002 Designated Research & Development Institute attached to corporation
May 2002 Obtained Korean NT Certification
April 2000 Developed Personal Alcohol Detector
October 1999 Developed EED (Electro Explosive Device)
August 1999 Developed Detonator for Rocket
October 1998 Developed Personal Alchol Detector
October 1998 Developed Reserve Battery
August 1998 Developed Shock Sensor for Fuze
December 1997 Established Seju Engineering Co., Ltd.