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MEMS is Micro Electro Mechanical System meaning technology for micro semiconductor processing.
This technology is to integrate electric and mechanical parts into micro small size one, and MEMS means to fabricate a system with new function by combining mechanical structure and electric structure of micro scale together.

1 Wafer Holds 1,500 Sensors
  Electronic Microscope  

seju sensor    
  : Seju’s Gas sensor is a product in which MEMS technology was used for the 1st time in Korea. Our Gas sensor is the 1st commercialized MEMS gas sensor in the world.

: As Seju’s Gas sensor used MEMS technology instead of sensor method which uses previous general processing technology, we realized low price and the best quality for gas sensor product.

: Seju’s Gas sensor is in the process of application for patents in many countries in the world.


High density
Extremely low price
Mass production capability (One person can produce 150,000 each a day)

  Gas sensor of other companies
  Thick Film Type
- Price : US$5.00
- Power consumption : 500~1000mW
- Merits : Easy to product. Performance is stable.
- Demerits : Much power consumption. Expensive.
  Bulk Type
- Price : US$ 3.00 ~ 5.00
- Power consumption : 120mW
- Merits : Difficult to imitate.
- Demerits : Much power consumption. Expensive.
  Thin film type
- Price : US$3.00
- Power consumption : 130mW
- Merits : Difficult to imitate.Product is uniform.
- Demerits : Performance is unstable. Expensive.

  Comparison of Gas sensors (Seju’s vs. other company’s)

Other company product
Seju products
Special notes
US$ 3.00 ~ 5.00
The lowest in the world
Power consumption
We can produce 1,500 sensor with 1 wafer (Excellent mass production capability
Size of chip
5mm X 5mm
2.0mm X 2.0mm
Production method
General Machinery
MEMS technology
Product became smart
integration is possible
  * MEMS Gas Sensor of our company was manufactured by combining the advantages of thin film type and thick film type and therefore it has mass production capability, high quality and low manufacturing cost.